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I still can’t believe Jongin was scared the first time he met Kyungsoo because …


so sweet~

During middle school, Baekhyun was said to really take good care of his seatmate. One time, his seatmate forgot to bring his pencil, so he started worrying. Baekhyun gave his own pencil and told him, “you can use this” so Baekhyun’s seatmate was really touched. But then right before the guy could express his thanks, Baekhyun opened his mouth to say, “since you’re using it, take my notes for me.”


jongdae’s parting words to the fans at the Overdose comeback showcase

"In just two years since EXO’s debut we are doing a showcase again. It seems like there’s only one thing between then and now that hasn’t changed. Thank you very much that everyone’s cheering and love hasn’t changed. In the future we will keep being ‘we are one’ right? I love you."